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He’s here to receive an award and talk to me about his portrayal of the world’s most seductive animated cat – Puss — full name Puss in Boots, who first appeared in Shrek as an outlaw cat and whose solo film has been in preparation since 2003. “The lines have blurred.” But was there ever a line to begin with?

Banderas describes the cat he voices as follows: “He tries to be a little bit mysterious, but he has a sweetness. He feels a great love for the opposite sex and he knows how to make people jealous.

Who suggested that he should have his face worked on? “Kitty is strong and she has her issues,” he says approvingly.

Then he was paid million to wear The Mask of Zorro.“The movie is about the reflection of identity and what can change. He’s a monster, cold, and doesn’t feel affection for anyone but himself. But I decided to go for flat, with little movements. I accept myself and the way that I am growing older.When I’m recommending a guy to use dildos it’s like I’m talking with an old lady and telling her to take aspirin.” Has he ever had cosmetic surgery or the desire to? I think everybody can do what they want to do but I am starting to like grey hair and wrinkles and find them interesting.” I take the opportunity to stare at his face – there are no wrinkles. I have eye bags and some people have proposed to me to take them out but I said no.” There is the vaguest hint of an eye bag. Basically if you live in Los Angeles and you want to put the face of a dog on yours that can happen. If you look on You Tube people are turning themselves into animals.” In Puss in Boots, Puss has a stormy romance with another cat, Kitty (played by his frequent co-star and sparring partner Salma Hayek).Banderas, 51, taps his feet like a flamenco dancer.His boots are suede, soft, low-heeled and look as if they’ve walked the world. “I found a fantastic studio next to where we were shooting Zorro.

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Banderas admits he often struggles with what he calls “the Leo situation”. It means that we’ll have a party for both of us on the same day, which is economical. There is a beautiful anecdote in Spain of a very popular dramatist.