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I never received an email or never heard from her again.

Ron (Canada) Report N5 (added on September, 18, 2012) She contacted me through girls date for free, she said she was a tomato seller thought that was a bit strange, asked her what she wanted to do she said come to uk but would need passport aqsked for cash.

She had a boyfriend in states and says friend set up profile and she's tried to change the incorrect information. Report N2 (added on September, 22, 2011) Hello, i want to confirm about that lady, cos she are internet scammer, she contacting with me, and asking money, also she using stolen photos from porn sites.

just contact with me, i have lots of her mails and pics, also she have send to me fake usa passport and wedding cerificate.

After conducting her business she sent me copies of her receipt, ownership and lab report.

She then proceeded back to Accra and said she had to complete customs and pay a shipper 00 to have gold shipped to Canada.

i have send all that to nigeria-usa embassy, they didnt confirm about it, all these documents is fake....

also she have a traveling agent Ray Samson by name.

Three days later she sent email apologizing saying her bank had released the money and she can now proceed with her business.

She the proceeds to tell me she has to relocate to another part of Ghana to purchase gold.

She claims now to have a new agent and will need 0 to secure her as her agent and wanted the money sent in her name Selorm Alormene who was alleged aunt of receptionist Bless Defeamekpor.

Her father build a house for them there, and she just get graduated from reading Economics Major and Management with a bachelors degree.

She sais she works in a icecream bar were she lives.

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Imantas (Lithuania) Report N3 (added on November, 29, 2011) Watch out with this girl because she use about 2 or 3 names on mobi love she use florence1 and hillary she took from me $2800 she said she's gonna married me i need the money for visa she ask for extra $1500 for the plain i ask her for the copy of the visa she took about 6days to get it i give it to my attorney to proff it if is real or not my attorney check her visa with immigration he find out her visa was totality take somebody read this don't send any money because she's scam don't believe to her she lie all the time saying she is a real christian but she is with the money i send to her like drugs and drink.

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