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The 118th's first major loss came at Drewery's Bluff where they lost nearly 200 men. 0.00 Item #90012 Carte view of 1st lieutenant John S. Beginning in the late spring of 1863 however they would get their first taste of what war was about and it would be constant from that point on.He instead got lost and managed to march his forces completely off the battlefield.Realizing his mistake he did not make it back to Culp's Hill until 9 that night.The colonel would be wounded and captured near Leesburg, Viriginia in March, 1862 but was quickly exchanged and returned to duty. He would lead the brigade against Jackson during the Shenandoah Valley Campaign.The following month he was promoted to Brigadier General U. During the Battle of Cedar Mountain he would be seriously wounded in both the arm and leg.These guys were heavily engaged near the Dunker Church while fighting at Antietam and would take part in a number of other significant battles. While riding in a stage coach on his way to Fort Randall they came under attack by Indians at Tackett Station near Choteau Creek. This one does have an old period ink inscription across the back reading "Act. A very disposed looking Davis rests with his elbow on his knee and a large dagger at his feet witht he words "Last Ditch" scrawled in the corner. William is shown here wearing the rank of sergeant major which he obtained in October, 1862. 5.00 Item #90121 Carte view of private Ephriam Deeter of the 1st Ohio Cavalry. This one has a period pencil identification written across the front, bottom by a former family member. 5.00 Item #22139 Carte view identified as James Hyer of the 9th New York Infantry "Hawkins Zouaves". He would fight at South Mills and South Mountain before being wounded in the blood bath at Antietam on September, 17th. I" This one is back marked out of Louisville, Kentucky. 5.00 Item #89712 Carte view identified as George B. Chapman stands here dressed in his frock and displaying his cap with the numerals "34" and company letter "G". Chapman himself would be wounded at Fisher's Hill on the 22nd of September, 1864. He was both wounded at Fisher's Hill on the 22nd and then later killed at Cedar Creek on the same date. He would serve with the 41st up until mid April, 1862 when he was transferred into the 7th Iowa Cavalry. The inscription is slightly off but id is certainly correct. This one is slightly trimmed along the top and bottom. 0.00 Item #89012 Neat little caricture view of Jeff Davis depicting his famed escape after the end of the war. Davis is shown seated under the "Sour Apple Tree" dressed in a hoop skirt as he is often depicted.

of the "Adirondack Regiment" starting in September, 1862.

Transferred west to join the army at Chattanooga he took part in the Battle of Wauhatchie.

His son would be mortally wounded here and died in his arms.

Andrew originally enlisted as an assistant surgeon with the 43rd New York Infantry in December of 1861 until his discharge for a promotion to surgeon with the 94th New York Infantry in late May of 1862. Tysinger of the 1st Virginia Infantry "Williams Rifles".

He would then serve with the 94th for only 2 months before receiving another promotion. Tysinger would start the war as a 1st sergeant in the spring of 1861.

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While leading his men during the Battle of Antietam a ball struck him in the upper arm traveling down the length of the arm and exiting at the elbow. Troops awaiting discharge, back pay or still recovering from wounds or illness would be housed and cared for here until they were able to return home.