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"The second I found out Bristol was pregnant, I went to Anchorage and spent more than a thousand dollars on baby clothes," she says.Since then she's been pretty much excluded from Tripp's life. If my plane crashed and I ended up in the middle of nowhere, I know how to catch a fish, cook it, feed myself, build a fire, shelter. SADIE: It's hard to get a job in this town because of the Palins.

Sadie reassures me I have nothing to fear from eavesdroppers—or snipers. I haven't told anybody you're here, so you're good." PLAYBOY: Can you say something about your character? SADIE: I was working in a coffee shop, and reporters would show up or wait outside for me.Sure enough, when I walked into the Mug-Shot Saloon I was ridiculed by the regulars—middle-aged men with enormous heads, thick necks and linebacker shoulders—for using Chap Stick.They made degrading jokes about my long johns and Ugg boots. They referred to their ultra-Republican, family-friendly saloon, where the worship of Sarah Palin is rivaled only by a devotion to God, as "the only gay bar in town." But when I asked one patron what had brought him to Wasilla, I acquired an instant friend.Search for the City of Berkeley parcel development conditions and building permit history by address, APN, or owner name.Results also includes interactive map, which displays the parcel number and zoning for adjacent parcels.

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