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UPDATE: Some time ago a developer by the name of Kadir Pekel compiled all nine tutorials into a single PDF and hosted them on his website, but that website no longer is around.Helpful reader Milan had a copy of said PDF and sent it to me (thank you!Therefore, writing a direct affectation of a query to a data source of a control implicitly calls LINQ to SQL collection generation, as in the following example: Data Grid data Grid1 = new Data Grid(); Data Grid data Grid2 = new Data Grid(); Data Grid data Grid3 = new Data Grid(); var cust Query = from cust in db. This feature allows for the controls to cancel or validate that the new edited item has been validated or not.Specifically, LINQ to SQL defines the basic patterns for binding to a data grid and handling master-detail binding, both with regard to display and updating. LINQ to SQL translates LINQ queries to SQL for execution on a database. Because these objects are ordinary common language runtime (CLR) objects, ordinary object data binding can be used to display the results.

Implicitly binding to Windows Forms controls is accomplished by implementing IList Source. Those two methods can be used for base features such as sorting, but will really be implemented by upper classes like generic .

For instance: On the other hand, consider a scenario where a maintenance task, a deployment script or just some complex business logic requires changes to be applied not on one, two or three entities, but on ten thousand.

In a typical relational database, that shouldn't be an issue.

So be careful with the delete statements - powerful weapons should be handled with caution.

Finally, we have chosen this feature for Q2 2013 with an important input from our Ideas & Feedback portal and previous requests.

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