Dating funda one way we do this is by consolidating your merchandise

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Dating funda

Francis attempts to make amends with Rosie, then convinces Agne to go on a date with him.

Meanwhile, Ollie and Gabriella have a heart-to-heart as he reveals he’s been on a date with a man, and Caggie says a final goodbye to Spencer for good before setting off to the airport.

With Hugo still torn between Millie and Rosie, he makes a decision and ends things with Millie before going after Rosie and asking her for a relationship.

However, when Rosie find out about Hugo’s kiss with Millie she realises he can’t be the one for her.

Hugo is torn over his feelings towards Rosie before heading out on a date with Millie.

Spencer announces his disapproval over Funda’s new modelling outfits, whilst the boys compete to impress Agne during a poker night.

At the masquerade ball, Spencer realises his plan has backfired when Caggie confronts him over what he’s told Millie.

Ook goed om te weten: funda en derde partijen plaatsen tracking cookies om advertenties af te stemmen op jouw voorkeuren.Fredrik surprises Millie by taking her out for lunch, and Binky receives a shock by bumping into her ex-boyfriend Simon whilst in France much to the disappointment of her friends.Meanwhile Caggie decides to step back from Spencer, and Hugo ruffles feathers by setting her up with his friend CJ.Back in Chelsea, Funda hears about Spencer’s weekend away and is quick to confront him about it, then clashes with Caggie.Rosie tells Agne the truth about Francis and Fredrik both playing her leaving her angry with the boys, and Spencer initiates Plan B over Caggie by telling Millie his feelings for her have gone.

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With Spencer questioning Rosie about her intentions with Hugo, they’re unaware that him and Millie are sharing a kiss.