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Wolf said that the tool was "written by a forum member," who appears to be an entry-level coder.Instead of exploiting botnets, "their denial-of-service attacks are being executed through Windows applications on multiple hosts," Wilhoit said.According to the security researcher, Isis hackers are also testing out other cybercriminals' tools and appear to be trying their hand and creating their own tools."But there's a lot of uncertainty who these actors are, or where they might be."Wilhoit said that users concerned about defending against cyber terror groups such as the UCC don't need any specialised security services apart from state-of-the-art firewall and incorporating basic security practices."If you follow basic security precautions, most of these [attacks] can be blocked.They are not using infected botnets to perform denial-of-service attacks," he said.

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Dwindling activities may indicate manpower loss from ground battle Isis hackers are known to communicate to each other and spread propaganda via encrypted chat apps such as Telegram.

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