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For the history of The Three Wheatsheaves see the Much the same view as the previous photograph but a somewhat earlier shot taken at the beginning of the twentieth century. For the history of The Three Wheatsheaves see the This property, at the corner of Gregory Street and Derby Road, was the replacement for an earlier building which had once been Lenton's 'Manor House'.

This was a picture postcard prepared for the proprietor of the pub, a certain G. The earlier property had been demolished to allow for the construction of the road bridge over the railway.

The white van on the left is just about to enter Derby Road from Radmarsh Road and the Three Wheatsheaves is visible behind it.

These properties fronting on to Derby Road were subsequently demolished and their site is now incorporated into the grassed area alongside the Savoy Cinema.When the Derby Road ceased to be a turnpike the toll house was demolished and the lamp standards were moved to the North Road entrance to The Park.An undated photograph of Willoughby Cottage which could be found at the junction of Willoughby Street and Derby Road. Billy Hill himself died in 1947 but 'Billy Hill' continued to be used as the name of the shop even after its move into the Church Square Shopping precinct.We are not experts in this field, but the marks on both dish and cover indicate the year date mark for the Derby Osmaston Road Factory 1909. This section of Derby Road as you move away from Canning Circus is not strictly speaking in Lenton but the parish boundary is only about eighty yards or so further along the right hand side of Derby Road. On the right is what used to be Alton's cigar factory which has now been converted into flats.

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Red printed circular backstamp Bloor Derby and crown.

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