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Medical aid and education in Russia are free, though Russians joke that education becomes less and less free with every year.

One can still get a university education for free by passing the entrance tests (exams), but the universities have to decrease the number of students studying on a free basis because of poor state financing.

During Soviet times there was a well developed system of community work and in every group (class at school, department at work etc) would be also a person responsible for sport, education, political information of the group etc.

People that were doing community work were given benefits (free or discounted travel, ability to buy deficit goods, ability to receive a better apartment from the government for free etc) - remember, there was no private property until Perestroika, everything used to belong to the state, which was controlling distribution and would award the most active citizens.

Also attending performances in a company is always much more fun, which contributed to the popularity of theatres.

This is how most Russian people have developed their taste for live performances.

Russian saying is, "One is not a soldier in the battlefield".The agent would bring tickets for distribution to every enterprise and school in his area and the person responsible for "culture sector" would organize collective visit to the theatre.I think it was an excellent system since people had the opportunity to attend theatres from the early age, starting from attending performances in a Muppet theatre, then moving to the Youth Drama Theatre, then to Drama, Musical and Opera, according to their age.The model wrote on her social media account: 'Well, and before going to bed, I cannot but please the male audience and release the video #It Is So Wet Between Us on my new song #CRUSH'Mother-of-three Anna, also a famous beauty, said of the video: 'To be honest, it made my day too.'The video was slammed by internet commentators, who blasted the erotic video for appearing similar to a blue movie.Netizen 'daniel_milev' said: 'Anna why are you humiliating yourself and your kids with this s****y porn video?!

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But once I could find people who knew someone inside the system, a month wait would turn into just a few hours wait or they would find a place for me where they said the rules would not allow them to give me one.

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