Biggest loser matt and suzie dating

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Biggest loser matt and suzie dating

Mike Baxter, a director of marketing at an outdoor sporting goods store, returns home from traveling to a new assignment at work and to his house filled with women: his wife Vanessa, his oldest daughter Kristin (a single mother caring for her son in the Baxter family home), his middle daughter Mandy (an unintelligent, popularity-driven teenager) and his youngest daughter Eve (a tomboy inspired by her father).While Mike gives Eve advice for her soccer game, which results in her injuring a boy she has a crush on, he also plays Cupid to set up Kyle, a young employee at his store, with Mandy.However, Kyle mistakes Kristin for Mandy, and dates Kristin instead.Kristin decides that the Baxters need to hire a baby-proofer (Paul F.Chad Bickle (Steve Talley), a brash young pro fisherman, renews Mike's interest in traveling the world for work, which does not sit well with Vanessa.

Mandy intends to enter a teen modeling competition, a plan which Vanessa does not approve of.Vanessa finds out that her neighbor, Michelle (Danielle Bisutti), has not invited her and Mike to a party.She later finds out that Mike was the reason why, due to him insulting Michelle's profession on a previous occasion.He changes this he views the revealing pictures Mandy wants to send in.Mike is then forced to visit the family of Mandy's boyfriend Travis when he discovers that the semi-nude pictures Mandy took for the modeling competition have been forwarded to Travis' phone.

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So Mike decides to dress up Boyd and take him trick-or-treating, directly disobeying Kristin's orders.

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