Asp net updating database

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Asp net updating database

There you can find source code and other information, file bugs, give feedback and even contribute.

With the release of VS 2012 we added support for OAuth and Open ID to our project templates and existing membership system.

Now before creating the application, let us create a table named Excelfiledemo in a database to store the downloaded Excel files in a database table having the following fields (shown in the following image): In the above table I have created four columns, they are id for the unique identity, Name for the Excel file name, type for file type and data to store the actual content of the files with binary datatype because the content of the files stored in bytes. Now let us start to create an application to upload and download Excel files step-by-step.

Create a web site as: Then run the page which will look as in the following: From the above view I am using two buttons to do the upload; one to upload the selected files to the database and view files which shows the files in a grid view which is stored in database table.

NET applications that feature Azure, Single Page Applications, real time updates using Signal R and Facebook integration.

We are planning to focus on new runtime functionality after the fall update.

ASPX extension on pages, supports mobile versions of Master Pages and Web Forms, and enables clean URLs with data values being passed as part of the URL (for example The Web optimization framework was first released with Visual Studio 2012 and provides optimization features such as bundling and minifying Java Script and CSS at runtime. NET Web Pages with Razor Syntax is a simple web framework that helps you quickly build applications with ASP. You can download the source code and compile it on your own computer.

The project gives you a look at the design and lets you have a voice in it.

It would also include support for the developer to easily change the underlying storage mechanism to SQL Server, Azure Table or any other store of choice. Furthermore, shims will be provided to make it easy for applications using the existing membership providers to take advantage of the new system as well. NET Ajax Library includes the Ajax Control Toolkit and enables you to build database-driven web applications that execute entirely in the web browser. NET Dynamic Data enables you to quickly build a functional data-driven application, based on LINQ-to-SQL or ADO.

As always we invite you to provide feedback and ideas for future development. MVC enables you to build model-view-controller (MVC) applications by using ASP.

When I joined a company the same task was given to me by my team leader; instead I was expecting him to give me the task of inserting, updating and deleting in a grid view.

So by considering the above requirement I decided to write this article specially focusing on beginners and those who want to learn how to upload Excel files and display in a grid view and download files in a gridview selected event which is displayed in the grid view.

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The gridview is shows uploaded files with details as shown below.